The Shiretoko National Park (Shiretoko Kokuritsu Kōen) covers a large portion of the Shiretoko Peninsula on the northeastern tip of Hokkaido, Japan. This spot is additionally one of the most remote regions in Japan, the majority of these spots must be gotten to by pontoon or climbing visit for quite a long time.

This park has numerous cascades one of which is (Kamuiwakka-no-Taki) cascade or “Water of the Gods” in Ainu language. In 2005, UNESCO built up the locale as a World Heritage site because of its characteristic magnificence of nature.

Shiretoko is well known as the home of Japan’s biggest dark colored bear populace. Since this national park is a bear living space with a rich environment, most climbing zones require direction from proficient aides, you will see gives all up the recreation center to not sustain the bears, because of security reasons.

Notwithstanding guided climbing, there are two different approaches to appreciate this national park by journey or by transport visit. From April to October, you can appreciate a 3 hour brief voyage on the ocean of Okhotsk to the Cape of Shiretoko.

For the voyage begins at Utoro Harbor and goes through numerous wonderful cascades, the first is Frepe cascade which is otherwise called Otome no Namida (ladies’ Tears), the following cascade is Kashuni where the trackers used to be tied down in the fold under the falls, and the keep going significant cascade on the landmass is Kamuiwakka, known as heavenly water and isn’t reachable starting from the earliest stage. All the names of the tributaries, waterways, lakes, and cascades originate from the indigenous Ainu language.

The Shiretoko National Park Is A Characteristic Spot For Wild Creatures

The Shiretoko National Park Is A Characteristic Spot For Wild Creatures

This national park is a model where individuals, nature, and wild creatures exist together while keeping up a delightful world legacy.

There are a few alternatives for you who need to visit this national park via plane or via train.

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  • Utilizing the airplane is trailed by a transport – the closest household air terminal of Shiretoko National Park is Memanbetsu Airport with non-stop flights from or to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Sapporo, worked by JAL, ANA, and Air Do. The air terminal is around 100 kilometers west of the national park.

Utilizing the train followed by a transport – the nearest train station to the National Park is JR Shiretoko Shari Station in the focal point of Shari City, around 40 kilometers southwest of the national park. Shiretoko Shari Station can be come to inside a short ways from Abashiri (840 yen one way) or about 2.5 hours from Kushiro (2810 yen One way) on a less-working train. The excursion from Sapporo through Abashiri takes around 6-7 hours and expenses around 11,000 yen.